Thursday, 12 July 2012

Texas 2012 - Day -70

As you the reader may or may not be aware, I am currently planning a trip to the Lone Star State. In exactly ten weeks I will be leaving on an adventure to the place of my dreams - home of barbeque, cowboys and the Friday night lights - Texas. At the moment I have only a rough idea of what I'll be doing during the two weeks that I'll be there, and so over the next couple of months I wish to plan in more detail the routes and stops that I wish to take and make. To facilitate this I recently purchased a couple of big old road maps of Texas to stick on my wall:

In the following days and weeks I'll be adding various bits and pieces to it so I can see at a glance just where I'll be each day, and what I can do there. Hopefully the next time you see this map it will be brimming with colour and information. Anyway, this post is basically an introduction to what I hope will be an ongoing thing - hopefully where I can explain various destinations that I hope to visit, and give a bit of insight into Texas in general. Eventually then, the plan will be to do a daily post from the great state itself, where I can upload photos and all the usual travelogue shit that everyone does. Totally just an excuse to write SOMETHING and also to document my trip, because I definitely wouldn't bother otherwise.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for further Texas updates.