Saturday, 21 July 2012

Quick and flippant Emmy nominations reaction.

Best Drama: Breaking Bad, Breaking Bad, Breaking Bad, Breaking Bad. With all due respect to Game of Thrones and Mad Men and Homeland, Breaking Bad was untouchable in season 4 and finally needs to win the award for best Drama. I would also like to have seen Justified nominated for once. In the end though, Mad Men will probably walk away with the prize again. I enjoyed it this year, but thought it didn't quite live up to it's impossibly high standards.

Best Actor (Drama): Bryan Cranston ought to win once again, he's just too good as Walter White. Poor Jon Hamm is always awesome in Mad Men though, it's just a pity Cranston exists and is better than him. I'll also give a shout out to Damien Lewis. I'm a huge fan of the guy, and I'm glad he's finally found a show in Homeland that's as class as he is. Future wins in his future, I predict. Would have been nice to see John Noble nominated in this category. He brings such a performance to Fringe that he might be the best actor on network television.

Best Actress (Drama): It's got to be a two-horse race between Elisabeth Moss and Claire Danes. Both were outstanding in their hugely different roles. Danes probably edges it because she got to play a fucking insane person for the whole season on Homeland.

Supporting Actor (Drama): Barring the Downton boys (which I haven't seen and thus, don't care about) this is a strong field of contenders. Aaron Paul and Giancarlo Esposito were both nominated for Breaking Bad, and I'd like to see either pick up the trophy come September. We all know about Paul, and Esposito's Gus is one of the most well crafted and frightening 'bad guys' in TV history. Outside of the Breaking Bad dudes, there's Jared Harris from Mad Men and Peter Dinklage from GoT. Both winners of my heart, but unfortunately not of the Emmy for Supporting Actor.

Supporting Actress (Drama): I've only seen two of the nominees so I can't offer too much other than to say that Christina Hendricks ought to win for two great performances on Mad Men this year. Anna Gunn is certainly less annoying as Skyler in Breaking Bad these days, which is a testament to her acting I suppose.

Best Comedy: Emmy voters are dicks for never nominating Community for this category, and so it can never be taken too seriously. Parks and Recreation was similarly snubbed, and I'll throw in Happy Endings to finish my trifecta of disappointment. The biggest disgrace of all though was the exclusion of Louie, which is literally the best comedy show on television (if anything can be 'literally best'). You should be ashamed, voters. At least 30 Rock actually deserves its nomination this year, it was continually brilliant again after a long spell of being relatively dull. The winner needs to be Girls though. It was so refreshingly and excellently written, every week delivering the best jokes and one-liners from some of the most well-rounded characters on TV.

Best Actor (Comedy): Three words: Louis C.K.

Best Actress (Comedy): I want Amy Poehler to win this so hard for her work on Parks & Rec. Lena Dunham was awesome on Girls this year, but I feel like Poehler deserves it more for all the great stuff she's done on Parks in the last four years. She may never have a better chance. Tina Fey looms though, as always. As does newcomer (well, on a new show at least) Julia Louis-Dreyfus for Veep, the not-as-good-as-The Thick of It star who's an Emmys darling.

Supporting Actor (Comedy): It seems that every male actor from Modern Family has been nominated for this award. Of them all, a Ty Burrell win would most please me. He plays the most consistently funny character on that show for my money. This year they've all paled in comparison however, to rookie Max Greenfield, who blew me and everyone else away on New Girl. Schmidt is the best thing about that show, and most shows - constantly delivering the most quotable and hilarious stuff on network TV. He makes New Girl, and he should make with the Emmy.

Supporting Actress (Comedy): Not too many I know about here, other than the two Modern Family actresses; Julie Bowen and Sofie Vergara. I'm a bigger fan of Bowen's work here; I like her portrayal of the stressed out mom, which often reminds me of my childhood. At the end of the day though, I'd rather see the late Kathryn Joosten win. I'm not too aware of her work in the later Desperate Housewives seasons, but as a West Wing fan, Mrs. Landingham will always live long in my heart. I was sad to hear of her death, and a posthumous win would be a nice nod by the Emmy people.

All Miniseries Awards: Should go to Sherlock. It's fantastic. Cumberbatch and Freeman included. Hard for Sherlock right now.

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