Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Super Boring All Like Book Review Seriousness: Skagboys

Just finished* Irvine Welsh's latest novel Skagboys. Look, if you're hard up for time (and manners), it's crap, alright, and you can just skip the rest of this blethering and pop off to your next tabbed quick fix you web skank. If you'd like a little more detail, continue to encourage the collaboration 'twixt eye and mind and about a grand of words later (I checked - AND it includes those bound to these parentheses) you'll have a little more insight into precisely why you should definitely not but maybe or absolutely check out this book with your pounds and time. Come with me now to the second paragraph, you.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Disposable Heroes- Discovering the joy of using disposable razor blades

Let me tell you a little story...

When it comes to shaving, and the equipment I use to do so, I am a creature of habit. Nivea for men sensitive shaving gel, Gillette Fusion Razor Blade and Nivea for men sensitive after shave balm. That's what I've used for the past couple of years. Ever since the Gillette Fusion came out with it's five blades and one for precision blade on the back, Gillette had me for life, and with Adrien, Gael and Andre using them, I knew I made the right choice,right?

They really are the best a man can get, or so I thought Until the fateful Christmas of 2011 when Santa forgot to deliver my Blades of choice...

How could he forget? I've got them every year since they came out! So I was left with a choice on Boxing day, Head to my local drug store and either; Pick up an ever reliable Gillette Fusion Razor Blades, or..
Throw caution to the wind and pick up another type that I have never used before...
There they were, looking up at my stubbled face saying 'buy me, buy me', a packet of ten Wilkinson sword 'EXTRA Sensitive Vitamin E coated 2 blade razor blades' and so I bought them.
That was 4 1/2 months ago and I have never looked back. I would only have to shave every 3 or 4 days and one of the Wilkinson sword disposable razor would do me about a maximum of 3 shaves and you know what, Its lightweight design is great and there is something about unpacking a brand new razor for a shave that bring a little joy and another element of freshness that comes with a shave.

They even handled shaving off my of so rugged and manly goatee recently  when I had to shave it off  in aid of dressing up as Albuquerque's finest D.E.A Agent, Hank Schrader, and you know what? smooth as F**k.

I'm not saying that I will never ever use my Fusion Blade ever again, or any of the quality Gillette, King of Shave and Wilkinson sword long term razor blades, I'm sure I will, but from now on, look at the disposable razor blade section with an inquisitive eye and consider buying them as much as the others. There is plenty of variety -Wilkinson sword have big selection, as do Gillette themselves, and the Grandaddy of them all, The famous orange handled Bic...(might save those for Superbowl night or something.)

To Disposable Razors! Helping Middle Eastern footballers win trophies since the mid 90's...

Everyone sings and dances when they shave, right?...right?

Sunday, 6 May 2012

First NFL Fantasy Mock 2012

So, the draft is over, and I have a hankerin' for some football. Tonight, I tried to placate the hunger somewhat by doing a mock Fantasy Football draft. For the uninitiated, I'll give a brief overview. Fantasy Football (in our league) is a head-to-head competitive game, where points are given reflecting what happens in the real life games - so for gaining a certain amount of yards, or scoring a touchdown, or other position-specific objectives. In each league there are only one of each player, so only one team can have said player. Player allocation is decided in a mock draft, so teams choose first through eighth (in an eight team league) per round , and the order is usually decided randomly. That then that is "snaked", so the team choosing last in the first round selects first in the second, and so on.

Sounds boring as fuck, I know. However, the competitive aspect in an otherwise spectator sport adds an additional layer of intrigue to a sport I already love, and encourages interest in matches I otherwise would have no intention of watching. It also helps provide a deeper knowledge not only of the players and teams, but the game itself, and is unquestionably one of the reasons I've become so enamoured with the sport as a whole.

So, if anyone has even a fleeting interest in NFL, I thoroughly encourage participation in a fantasy football league, for camaraderie, competition and.........craic.

For those of you still interested in this post, here's the breakdown of my first mock draft of the year (that's you, Coyle).