Sunday, 6 May 2012

First NFL Fantasy Mock 2012

So, the draft is over, and I have a hankerin' for some football. Tonight, I tried to placate the hunger somewhat by doing a mock Fantasy Football draft. For the uninitiated, I'll give a brief overview. Fantasy Football (in our league) is a head-to-head competitive game, where points are given reflecting what happens in the real life games - so for gaining a certain amount of yards, or scoring a touchdown, or other position-specific objectives. In each league there are only one of each player, so only one team can have said player. Player allocation is decided in a mock draft, so teams choose first through eighth (in an eight team league) per round , and the order is usually decided randomly. That then that is "snaked", so the team choosing last in the first round selects first in the second, and so on.

Sounds boring as fuck, I know. However, the competitive aspect in an otherwise spectator sport adds an additional layer of intrigue to a sport I already love, and encourages interest in matches I otherwise would have no intention of watching. It also helps provide a deeper knowledge not only of the players and teams, but the game itself, and is unquestionably one of the reasons I've become so enamoured with the sport as a whole.

So, if anyone has even a fleeting interest in NFL, I thoroughly encourage participation in a fantasy football league, for camaraderie, competition and.........craic.

For those of you still interested in this post, here's the breakdown of my first mock draft of the year (that's you, Coyle).


QB- Tom Brady

Brady put up over 5,000 yards last year, which would have been an all time NFL record had it not been for that pesky Brees. While every bone in my body hates Brady and the Pats, his on-field production can't be argued with (at least in the regular season, HI OHHHHHHHHHHH)


TE- Rob Gronkowski

So, I thought it'd be a good idea to double dip here with the double production of the Patriots' most lethal duo. Gronko is uncoverable, and while he won't put up the same numbers as last season (records for receiving yards and TDs from a tight end), he's the best player in a position devoid of studs.


RB- Steven Jackson

Jackson is ageing and not the player he once was, but will be the bellcow for a Rams team whose offense should be better as a whole.


RB- Frank Gore

See above. Figured, with all the stud RBs gone, I'd go with solid production ahead of potential (see Darren McFadden)


WR- Percy Harvin

Harvin is the best player the Vikings have on offense until AD gets fit. He'll get points in the passing, running, and return games. Electric.


WR- Victor Cruz

Cruz is another player guaranteed not to produce at the same level he did last year, but should surpass 1000 yards and get 8-10 TDs in a potent attacking side with Nicks, Bradshaw, Randle and Martin. Has the potential to be the best slot receiver in the league this year.


RB- Darren Sproles

Sproles at this point is terrific value as a flex player. Had the most points per touch out of any player in fantasy last year. A home run threat on any play


RB- BenJarvus Green-Ellis

The Law Firm should see a ton of action for the Bengals this year, and should surpass Benson's expected production of the last few years of 1100-ish yards and 6-8 TDs. Another not splashy, but hopefully solid pick at RB.


WR- Antonio Brown

If he can produce the form he showed in the second half of last season for the whole of the upcoming one, he'll be a fantasy superstar. Even after a slow first few weeks he still finished up with over 1100 yards. Also, is one of my favourite players, so there's that.


RB- Beanie Wells

Solid. Unspectacular. Theme of this mock.


TE- Aaron Hernandez

Just in case anything happens Gronko, though Hernandez is a sensational fantasy player in his own right


RB- Doug Martin

Labelled the second best RB in the draft, he has the potential to become the starting tailback for Tampa this year, who look to be a run-first team under new HC Schiano.


RB- Isiah Pead

Handcuff for S-Jax.


WR- Denarius Moore

Showed flashes last year. Speculative pick.


K- David Akers

Set all kinda records last year. Homeboy lit it up! Won't have numbers as gaudy this year, but should be consistent.


D/ST- Cowboys

With their secondary so improved on paper, the Cowboys could be a high scoring defense this year, especially if the offense play as well as they should and teams have to take chances to keep up.

And there it is. Not happy with it, but there's always the next one.


  1. I like some of it. Not a bad call on the D/ST side of things and I think you made some good calls at running back. Solid producers who'll get you something every week.

    One criticism I have is that I think you took Gronk too high though. He's not going to hit the same levels as last year and he's probably going to lose a lot of looks to the massive receiving corps the Pats have amassed since Free Agency began. Welker, Branch, Ocho, Lloyd, Gaffney, Stallworth, Edelman etc. I also think that NFL Ds are going to cook up some things that might reduce tight end production again, just like they did a few years ago after the Wild Cat type packages emerged (might not be the best example, but it's something I think is entirely possible)

    Doesn't look like you got the best luck with Wide Receivers but I think you did well. Harvin is great value at that pick if he has a full season (that's a bold assumption to make based on his history). Brown in the 9th round I love. Our league doesn't count return yards as far as I'm aware (in another league I play in they do which was great in bye-week situations) but if they did surely he'd be someone who could go higher than that.

    I hope Cruz has the same kind of production next year but I'd be very surprised if he did (there should be more production from the run game and more emphasis on Nicks, Barden, Hixon and Randle on the outside), but 1000 yds and 8 TDs is solid production in any mans language. If I was a betting man I'd say he'd fall short of 1000 but exceed 8 tds which will probably work out better points wise.

    It's a bit early in the year for mock fantasy drafts for me I reckon, but overall I think you had a decent one. But sure as well all know by now, these things are won and lost on the waiver wire on a week to week basis.

  2. Anthony Gonzales is another Patriots WR I forgot to mention.

    Looking at that list it's unlikely that all of those people are still there in Week 1, or that any of them will contribute on Special Teams.

  3. Gonzalez will be gone, so will Stallworth. Edelman will be mainly on special teams when he's not playing D. And I'd be surprised if Ocho is there / does anything.

    I don't mind taking him that high. I like having a quality TE I can just plug in and forget about every week barring the bye.

    Thing is, until training camps are finished and all the injuries shake themselves out, there's no way of knowing anything.

    Still, gotta get the work in early. Like Kanye and Jigga say - Watch the Throne.