Monday, 6 August 2012


Fellow Dick Donavan is my go-to guy for American Television Programs, except that doesn't happen outside my mind. Don's pretty up to date on what's making waves (...AIRWAVES) across the pond, and I am the dark ages. If he's Twitter I'm a carrier pigeon. He's a phone call and I'm screaming in sandals on the cusp of the desert. As far as being on the ball goes, this is Donavan:

And this is me:

I mean to change that and you, my treasured reader, shall be privy to my first steps on the journey from ignorance to enlightenment as I devour the first episodes of five television programs I have either no or a little interest in as a result of hearing, reading or imagining Donavan talking about them. On the comedy side I'll opt for his perennial tout, Louie, as well as the latest Apatow Production Girls (which is not easily found on torrent search engines, but also which I didn't do that because, erm, the law, oh snap...) On the drama front - Justified and The Newsroom. Also a fifth thing I've not decided yet. That one with Everybody Loves Raymond in? Yeah, that'll do. Check back later in the week for thoughts on these things and the resultant levels of guilt/ antipathy for not having acted sooner as I embark upon...