Thursday, 19 April 2012

Its Worth Looking Into

Its Worth Looking Into; your favourite sandwhich I mean.
Ever since moving house in January I've been eating the same sandwhich for breakfast every morning. Which is four pieces of white bread, four fish fingers and about four tablespoons worth of ketchup.

I looked into how much that actually cost me in terms of how much food you can eat without putting on weight.

Maw'Fucker was 800 Calories. A normal adult woman can only have about 2000 in a whole day, and I can only take about 3000 (being a super-woman) so you can see how massive a dent that sandwhich is in the overall budget. That's pretty extreme for a breakfast. By comparison what I'd been eating beforehand in the form of Fruit n Fibre with Skimmed Milk is like, 125 Calories.

I am not stupid enough to expect they be similar, but apparently I am well beyond stupid enough to really understand quite how much worse it would be. So, I guess my advise to you would be, that if you don't particularly enjoy being overweight... question the more magical sandwhiches... they're trying to fool you, lull you into a false sense of security, and then strike !

Next thing you know bam ! You've lost your job to Captain Fucking Birdseye, and he's shagging your now ex-wife atop a mound of money and jeans that don't fit you anymore.

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