Thursday, 27 September 2012

Texas 2012: Days 5-7

Or 'that time I walked on the turf at Cowboys Stadium and ate more stuff'.

The days are starting to blend into one another, in a haze of sun and driving, walking and eating. I'm not complaining. It's just hard to remember what I did when, so these posts may become a bit all over the place. But who am I kidding? You probably just want the gratuitous shots of food. 

Anyway, I toured Cowboys Stadium which was one of the greatest experiences of my life. It was so extensive and totally worth the $25, as they took us all around the executive suites, and eventually to Jerry's room. (Jerry Jones, owner and basically overlord of the Dallas Cowboys). I was tempted to breathe on the mirror and leave him some advice for the Bears game.

We walked about the upper parts some more, and then they took us to the cheerleader's locker room. Yes.

And then just around the corner was the Cowboys' locker room, which was pretty cool. (I really wanted to use their toilet or something but sadly they were off-limits - what an anecdote that would have been)

And finally they brought us to the field where we were allowed to stay for as long as we wanted. There were even guys running about and kicking field goals and stuff. My first regret of not having a friend (with a ball).

Plus you really get a sense of how god damned huge that screen is when is floating above your head.

I basically floated about the field for ages and soaked it all in. It's not every day you get to walk on the field of a football team, especially this football team.

It was tough to bring myself to leave the place in honesty, but hopefully I'll come back some time. It's such a remarkable place. I left through the Pro Shop (naturally), where they sell Dallas Cowboys cowboy boots at nearly $400 a pop.

Afterwards I stopped off for a BACONATOR from Wendys. It looked like this.

It was fairly awesome. The burgers out here are by far superior. It must be the meat to fat ratio, as well as the char-grilled nature of a lot of them. I guess the copious amounts of bacon helped in all honesty.. The chips again were WAY too salty. Someone needs to tell America that it's not cool to automatically drown fries in salt in their fast-food places anymore. It answers a lot of questions I suppose.

Next it was baseball time in Texas!

I had a ticket for the all-you-can-eat home run porch for the first game against the Oakland A's. The view wasn't bad, but it was all about the buffet, natch. Basically you get all the hotdogs, chicken, nachos (as pictured above), popcorn, peanuts and drinks you wanted. It was all fairly standard quality, but it was great regardless. I was there for nearly 4 hours all-in, so that was a lot of eatin'. The nachos were the best part, with some really good cheese sauce and sauteed jalepenos going a long way. Texas won that night in a really good, tight game. Definitely an awesome first-ever baseball game. They lost the next night though, and I wasn't even in the all-you-can-eat section to soften the blow.. (However one thing that didn't fail to amuse me was the country music they played during the 7th inning stretch, which everyone just stands up and dances to for like 5 minutes. Absolutely brilliant)

That's about that for activities lately. More driving and walking about mostly. Oh yeah, plus probably two of the greatest things I've ever eaten.

More brisket, but this time done really, really well. Like, this is what they talk about when they say it melts in your mouth.

Half a pound of the nicest meat I've ever put in or around my mouth, without a doubt. I finally tasted what a real smoked meat was about, and it's incredible. Burnt ends that were full of smokey flavour really blew me away, and when mixed with the oh-so-succulent meat it goes down a real treat (and I DO NOT rhyme lightly, folks). Had some more BBQ beans that are a nice companion to the intense 'meatocity', not forgetting the house sauce which I also bought a bottle of, it was that good. It was all washed down with a root beer (a Donavan first) which was pretty great. A+ meal.

Not to be beaten by my past-self, I went out and got more good eatin' today. Not Bar-B-Q, but only the finest burger I've had (sorry BACONATOR).

That burger. Not only MASSIVE, but seriously delicious. I went for onions, jalepenos and double cheese, with a side of sweet potato fries. I'm sorry Rocket & Relish on the Lisburn Road, but you ain't got shit on this burger. Again, it just tasted better than anything I've had back home. I'm not blaming British and Irish beef, just how we prepare and cook it.

I know it's not good for me, but there's something about watching the guy grill a burger on a massive griddle, with those little steel lids they put on the burgers to lock in the moisture, that really does it for me. They're clearly doing something right. It was for sure the best burger I've ever eaten, and the fact that this place is dangerously close to my hotel for the next couple of nights is a welcome one.

May god have mercy upon my arteries.

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  1. Sounds like you're having an unreal time Sweet D... keep up the being deadly at life. Fierce fuckin jealous back at home here.