Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Texas 2012: Day -8

It's close now. Time has somewhat crept up on me, leaving just over a week to go until I leave for Dallas/Fort Worth International airport. I feel bad for neglecting to write more about the trip, but I've had more immediate concerns which have left me more than a little unprepared with a week to go. Needless to say I've got a lot of planning to do this week so I can have my shit together in time. A part of this planning is working out my road trips, of which there are three major ones. The second takes me from the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex (my adopted 'hometown' of the trip) south, to the capital city of Austin. From there I make the shorter, southerner, journey to San Antonio. The first trip I make though, is the one that excites me the most. In the first days, I'll be heading west, to Odessa.

Odessa is the small city which was the focus of the Buzz Bissinger book 'Friday Night Lights', as well as the movie adaptation directed by Peter Berg (and the television series spinoff, lest we forget). High school football rules in Odessa, and every Friday night (during home games) the town goes crazy for their Permian Panthers. I'm going to be there on a Friday night, and it's going to be special. All three of the 'Friday Night Lights' media are personal favourites of mine, the film especially, holding the title of My Favourite Movie. And so it will be a huge deal for me being in the town where it all started. I don't know how possible it will be to attend the game, but just being there should be amazing and I really look forward to experiencing the Friday night lights.

West Texas, from what I've seen on TV and in the movies, is a beautiful place. Flat plains and desert country seem to roll on for miles around, and the sunsets look particularly amazing. It's far removed from the big cities of Dallas and Austin and should offer a completely different view of Texas entirely. Seeing it, and Odessa especially, is another huge reason for this trip even happening, and I hope it doesn't disappoint.

This may be the last post I make before I head off, but I hope not. Regardless, I hope to keep the blog up-to-date during the trip with photos and a few words on what it's like out there - motel internet connections providing. 

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  1. Best of luck man... Sounds like you've an amazing trip lined up... I'll get up your way when you're back for a few "hearing the craic and also consoling you cause you're no longer in Texas" beers. Happy Trails.