Wednesday, 21 November 2012

News and That

Rest easy, compadres: I'm working on this week's Comix Zone as we speak, I just got a little caught up in travellular circumstances and making up whole new words and it's got delayed but will, at least, be live by midnight Thursday and by design is already a week out of date anyway so just deal, huh?

In the meantime, rumblings have been happening that I simply cannot not comment on. Double negatives are not not cool, in case you forgot. Neither is it unfashionable to boldly split infinitives. But I digress. This is literary masturbation. Onwards to other paragraphs.

We're a little late on the reportage here, but there are new Star Warses happening on account of Disney buying Lucasfilm at the tail end of last month. Disney bought Star Wars. DISNEY bought Star Wars. As gobflabsting as that is to wrap around the mindfinger, the real joy of the revelation came with the announcement that George Lucas will barely be involved in future Star Warfare, least of all in a scripting or directing the proposed new trilogy of films. Why a trilogy? Because people are stupid, is why a trilogy. I've not the venom in me today for that rant, though, so let's take a look at the facts s'far.

Michael Arndt, writer of the excellent Little Miss Sunshine and, of course, Toy Story 3, has been hired to write the first of the three and rumours abound today that Lawrence Kasdan, who wrote The Empire Strikes Back with the late Leigh Brackett, is in consideration for the second. No directors have been confirmed yet but if there's any truth to the murmurings that Jon Favreau, whose forte seems to be directing great performances in shittily boring movies, is due to direct I'll be even less interested that I already am.

Which is very little.

We've been here before. Hearts broke, childhoods compromised, all that stuff. I'm not worried about getting my hopes up only for three new shitty films to roll along, Lucas or not: I'm just not interested anymore. Why should I be? It's been 29 years since the last relevant Star War came out. It's done, over. The name means nothing to me now. Any product I've experienced with the Star Wars name on it just hasn't been the same as those three movies. To me, it was never a brand or even a seal of quality - it was the name of three great films, perhaps my favourite ever, and nothing more. So, sure, yeah, it's a good thing, I suppose, that one of the cats who wrote for the original three films is getting involved, but only as far as saying it in a sentence. It doesn't mean anything from 30 years ago is going to be recaptured, it doesn't lend it any more credibility, it doesn't make these new films a good thing. It's still watercooler material but short of advancements in actual time-travel-filmmaking, I can't see this ever being worthwhile.

A pair of Tyreese
In TV news that's also comics news, fan-favourite Walking Dead character Tyreese seems to be in line for either a late-season-3 or season-4 spot on the show and Chad Coleman - know to fans of the best things ever as Dennis 'Cutty' Wise from HBO's The Wire - has landed the role. Or should that be landed in the role? Pick one. Anyway, Cutty is one of The Wire's best dudes, and given the honestly bafflingly high quality of the current season, it's safe to say the show is going from strength to strength. This is all Paul-approved. Consider it stamped.

You may have read also that Elmo from Sesame Street has resigned from the show on account of his puppeteer being involved in scandal and some such. Isn't the world just shite sometimes?

Finally, here's all (maybe not all) of The Simpsons' McBain scenes edited into a fairly coherent movie. Like Father Larry Duff, it's tremendous fun. See you next time.

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