Thursday, 15 November 2012

Best Things: The Walking Dead #5

The new series of AMC's The Walking Dead has been that good that I've finally started reading the comic series again to catch up with the recently released 104th issue. In the early issues the art was a lot more cartoonish than it later became when Charlie Adlard took over, but Tony Moore's run produced one of the coolest panels ever which is presented for your rapt devourment below.

So because it's a day of the week, Lori is upset about something, this time that Carl's taken an interest in shooting:

And blahs three times to Rick about it:

She even throws a 'whatever' at him. Personally speaking, if I had a son who'd just been given a gun and I was upset about it, I'd not just walk away from something like that. But whatever. Sure enough, zomboids attack the camp (these issues mirror the first season where they were hanging about the countryside most the time), and Lori, protecting the young Carl behind her, panics and fumbles:

And Carl?


The look on his face is perfect. The panel is perfect. Perfect comics. Fuck you Lori!


  1. Read as far as issue 90 and need to get caught up. Decent hash. Must admit, this is the first comic franchise I've followed since I was a loyal Beano AND Dandy man during my pre-hair-down-there age and to my shame, I only picked it up after season 2 of the TV show ended and I had a dead monkey on my back... I've enjoyed it immensely so I'm hoping it will be lead to more good things. Any recommendations of other franchises for a man looking to wet his whistle?

    1. The two I usually recommend that sit outside the whole tights-and-powers deal are both by Garth Ennis, and both are complete runs - Preacher and Punisher MAX. Ennis wrote a good forty odd issues of Punisher before the MAX series but it's the reallly good stuff. I think there's 60 of those and 75 of Preacher. If Preacher was a TV series, it would be everyone's favourite TV series.