Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Token Hallowe'en Post and The New Newness

Look at us. We're a) back and b) not the same. Now, the site has a name we don't mind telling folks about so if you, like many, are a person (hi!), you might have been told to go to here and we didn't want you looking at a tonne of out of date posts (like in an... abandoned... crime factory?) so I, Paul, have used my eyes and brain to concoct this little feature which can in part tie into this spookiest of nights, Hallowe'en. I've yet to have my first trick-or-treater (though my mum has already bemoaned kids from another area muscling in on our turf and worriedly and hurriedly dispatched my brother to pick up reserve stock to make sure she can accommodate everyone - even invaders from the dreaded Foxborough), nor have I digested any theme-appropriate media (today at least, though I did watch A Gaggle Of Galloping Ghosts, which is favourite episode of the original Scooby Doo, last night), but I'm ready for whatever this night can throw at me, whether in the form of unsanctioned fireworks displays courtesy of local hooligans or the sight of girls dressed as previously inconceivable sexy versions of things like, shit I dunno, wastepaper baskets or Bertie Aherne.

Google Images Search for "spooky ghost"

We're doing the podcast again next week, upon which we'll cover Lucasfilm's sale to Disney, Mister James Bond's latest cinema outing and some other newsy things along with semi-regular features and, and this is a guarandamntee, at least ONE new jingle.

Textwise, I can only speak for myself, but look forward to a piece on Skyfall, a look at different versions of Dawn Of The Dead and my new weekly look at the latest US comics. In my head all of these will appear in the next 24 hours, so be here at then for those.

I WILL see you later.

Manic laughter to fade.

Happywe'en gang.

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